Procreate The Premier Application in the World of Tattoos

Procreate The Premier Application in the World of Tattoos

Expanding iPad Use: A Revolution for Tattoo Artists

iPads are becoming increasingly common tools, and there are numerous reasons for their popularity. One of these is the ability to have a tool that behaves almost like a computer but with the convenience of a portable device. The use of iPads has brought about a mini-computerization into every artist's studio, eliminating the need for a cumbersome desktop computer.

The Beginnings of Procreate's Journey into Tattoo Artistry

From here began a revolution in iOS design, with the centerpiece being the application Procreate, which has become a true gem for tattoo artists. Initially designed for digital illustrators and graphic designers, Procreate has stood out for its user-friendliness and intuitive interface, earning it a place not only in the realm of art but also in various other fields.

The Crucial Interdependence of Software and Hardware

It's important to emphasize the crucial interconnection between software and hardware. These two aspects support each other, making it impossible to consider them separately. Procreate, therefore, emerges as an indispensable tool, harnessing the enhanced capabilities of hardware like iPads.

The Incredible Features of Procreate

Working with Layers: Organization and Precision

Much like Photoshop, Procreate also allows you to work on different layers. This tool proves invaluable when you want to focus on specific parts of the artwork without compromising the final result. For instance, you can create a sketch on one layer and refine the finer details on another. This separate approach allows you to maintain the integrity of each element and prevents accidental deletion of crucial parts.

Brushes and Textures: Limitless Creativity

The extensive range of brushes offered by Procreate is one of its strong suits. With over 200 different brush types, the application grants remarkable flexibility to artists. But the real ace up its sleeve is the ability to customize brushes according to personal preferences. The "Brush Studio" feature allows you to shape brushes and even alter or incorporate textures. And for those transitioning from Photoshop, Procreate even permits the importation of Adobe brushes, further broadening the creative arsenal.

Enhanced Strokes: Perfection in Every Detail

Procreate's feature that automatically enhances strokes is a win for every artist. For example, if your hand struggles to draw a precise circle freehand, Procreate intuitively steps in and corrects the details flawlessly. The mirror mode, then, is a true ally for those creating geometric tattoos or mandalas.

Stylish Writing: Fluid and Perfect Lines

Procreate offers a tool called "StreamLine" that makes lines even smoother and more precise during writing. Using a pen tool, you can soften the lines, giving them an even more refined appearance. Furthermore, Procreate has a text tool that allows you to write using the characters available in iOS.

Considerations about Procreate's Drawbacks

Despite its excellent features, using Procreate presents some challenges. The application is exclusive to iOS, so users might encounter issues related to Apple devices. While these devices offer impressive performance, they could come with disadvantages and significant costs in the long run. For instance, to use Procreate for tattoo design, an iPad and the Apple Pencil are required. However, the latter must be purchased separately, adding to the overall cost.

A Guide to Tattoo Design with Procreate

Starting the Project

Procreate is a versatile application that supports tattoo design projects without the need for traditional materials. To begin, simply open the application and select the "+" symbol in the upper right corner to start a new workspace. Then, define the canvas dimensions. Using the letter format (21.59 x 27.94 centimeters) is recommended. Next, choose your preferred brushes and colors to start designing.

Creating Stencils from Images

Procreate allows you to import a photo and use it to generate a stencil. After adding the image to the program, place it on a separate layer and desaturate it to zero. This turns the image into black and white, simplifying its processing. Create a new layer and trace the strokes that will form the final stencil. Using a bold color like red is recommended for clarity.

Previewing Tattoos on the Body

Procreate offers the possibility to overlay tattoo designs on the client's body area. Simply take a photo of the relevant body part and import it into the application. From there, position the tattoo design on the photo, checking dimensions and details. This approach allows for adjustments and touch-ups before beginning the tattoo process, ensuring the utmost precision.

Your Experience with Procreate

Have you had the chance to experience Procreate? Do you prefer this app or do you have others to recommend? Share your opinion in the comments!

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